By signing up to stay tuned on a specific trip or trips, you will be first to know as the trip becomes a reality (that indeed it will be launching and roughly the dates you can anticipate), and then you'll receive a private announcement when the trip is open, before we announce it publicly. This is even before we announce it on our newsletter, and well before we put it to facebook. While our trips are not first-come-first-served per se, we do take into account when someone has waited a long time for a trip to come around and we want to give you a chance to apply before everyone else. Should you end up applying to the trip when it is public, do mention in your application you have been anticipating the trip and were on the Stay Tuned list. 

We will not spam your email account about the trip. We'll just let you know it is due to open (or, if plans are forced to change), and then again when it is open. 

Simply add your name, contact, and the trip or trips you are interested in from our Future Workshops page. We will only contact you about the trips you mention here. Please write the name of the country in full (IE Tanzania, not Tanz). 

Thank you for your excitement about what we are doing!
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